AmixRides Humiliation Video Chat

AmixRides Humiliation Video Chat

This silver-haired fox is a fire in the sheets, and she has no problems showing it off to the right guy. Oh, look at that, you can be that guy, but are you really prepared to surrender your body? She’s quite dominant, and her online video chat shows can become too much if you’re not a guy who is up for some live tiny cock humiliation. See, pleasure isn’t always about guys with massive dicks, it’s about being superior to the likes of you.

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She especially loves roleplay where she’s in a position of power, like a policewoman, and you’re her prisoner. Imagine it’s nighttime, there’s no one but you behind the bars and her guarding. Impress her and she might let you go. Take your clothes off, so she can laugh at whatever it is you’ve got down there. Your wrinkled acorn of a dicks sis a laughing stock and no more.

You will have to suck on her baton while kneeling, so she knows you’re devoted. Then she’s going t cuff your hands up to the ceiling, and make you spread your legs. Then the corporal punishment starts, she’s slamming that spit-lubed baton against your penis, and you’re weeping for mercy. Both of you know that no matter how hard she goes, how much your “manhood” is mocked, you’re going to cum, and it will feel better than any orgasm before.