MissxGabriella Cam2Cam

MissxGabriella Humiliation Cam2Cam Session

Not every mistress is straight-up vile, some can put on a cute, angelic face, and trick you into following every order. MissxGabriella is versatile in that regard, but when she turns into a vile domme, you’re in for a rough night of cam2cam humiliation. You’ll see her big beautiful eyes and puffy red lips, then you’ll gaze at her breasts and ass, right before you’re interrupted by her cigarette.

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She blows a gust of smoke in your face, makes your eyes water, and throat dry. You hear her roars, she’s demanding to use you like a human ashtray, dropping ash inside your wide open mouth. To her, you’re not even an object, and she’s going to show it by torturing your tiny prick and balls. At first, she’s dripping wax on them, flicking them, and poking with a pin.

Then it turns into ballbusting, and you slowly feel as if you’re losing all your manhood at the SPHCamsChat.com website. She kicks your nuts with her leather high heel and gets aroused while you squeal. After all of that suffering, you’re forced to watch her masturbate. Her fingers get dipped inside the moist slit, her whole body is twitching from pleasure, and you’re forced to wear a chastity lock so she can see you suffer even more during her cam2cam session.