Private Humiliation Video Chat

There is nothing more exhilarating for a mistress than the feeling of control and superiority over a male slave when she is doing one on one private webcam action. They are viewed as specks of dust that aren’t even worthy of existing, so insignificant and small that they’re not even human beings, but they do get a thrill out of abusing them.

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You can expect them to treat you the same, slamming their whips on your pathetic body until you’re at their feet, begging through sobs for mercy. Can you handle that? If you think that you can then there are many humiliation video chats waiting for you. The mental degradation is fierce, you’ll be called a cum stain, get spat on, and then made to lick the dirt off their soles, and that’s just the introduction to your humiliation.

Take MissChloe for instance. She will blindfold you, strip you down, and then circle around you while you dread her next move. Her high heels echo around you, and then this online webcam humiliatrix suddenly starts slapping you with a whip that cracks against your skin and leaves the marks on it, ordering you to stay put like a dog.

You can feel the cold sensation of her foot on you, just before she pushes you to the ground, and then victoriously stomps on your ugly face. Only when you show gratitude for having her lay those divine feet on your hideous body, will she remove the blindfold and allow you to see her. 

It’s only fitting if she collars you like a rabid dog and teaches you how to behave. You’ll have to bring her stuff in your mouth, even dildos, and other sex toys, so she can use them on you. That same rubber cock will be used on you, she will make you suck it, all while she’s taking pictures to blackmail you. You are addicted to being humiliated by strict women so she will like this mistress a lot. If you are interested in having SPH live sex sessions with models that will degrade you in different ways then make sure to check out that post.

Unless you want her to leak those and show them to everyone you know, then you’ll keep on doing some dirty work for her and these live sex chat shows are full of models that want to degrade their slaves from the web. She’ll put you in a diaper and make you piss yourself, and if you happen to get an erection because it turns you on, then that cock is going in a chastity cage, you’re getting tied down, and she will tease you until those balls feel like falling off. 

Sometimes you stumble upon a bombshell blonde humiliatrix who looks nothing like the part of a domina, and that’s exactly how other slaves would describe JessicaXXX. You might be thinking that she’s just looking to have video chat fun, but this girl is all kinds of twisted and sick when sex is in question and humiliating men in private is what she does the best.

For starters, she likes to inspect her male subjects. You will take your pants off and show off that cock, to which she’ll laugh maniacally and point fingers. What a tiny little worm, do you really think women get off on microscopic dicks? Or maybe you’re no different than other women, except you’re possibly less of a man than she is.

Like it or not, your humiliatrix model will make you wear pink lingerie and tight, ripped clothes. Then you’ll get called a sissy whore if you need that SPH play, slapped because she despises the likes of you, and forced to take pictures of yourself and send them to your acquaintances and they will find out about your dirty webcam thing so it is not private anymore. You can expect a flurry of humiliating messages, and everyone expressed their disgust towards you being a closet faggot.

Then she will make you like it, your asshole will be toyed with, she wants you to work it up with a dildo that’s strapped to that blow-up doll you have since that’s the only thing you could fuck. Then you’ll spread those ass cheeks and impale yourself on it, and she wants to see you moan and plead for more. You might meet her anytime and tiny cock humiliation live cam chat with her is my favorite thing to do.

There’s not a thing more humiliating for a man than getting stripped of his masculinity, and these models know how to strike where it hurts the most. Perhaps you’re a spoiled brat and they need to put you in your place with various techniques, or you’re just a lonely loser who has no other way to communicate with a female, they love dealing with those.

A mistress on our humiliation video chat sessions is more than likely to bring you to the brink of tears, you will try to tough it out and act all strong, but I can assure you that they’re too good at their job. Once they discover what your weakness is, you will get feasted on, your misery is the food for their souls. Here are many private live chat rooms you can visit and find yourself a perfect mistress to degrade you every day.

After all, you come to them, not the other way around, and that’s a reason enough to signal them that you’re a puppet they can toss around however they wish. It’s time to make yourself useful and become a humiliation cam slave to serve a purpose.