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The moment you surrender yourself to the mistress, your tiny cock is open for criticism, and it’s going to get mocked and tortured. They will pridefully remind you in these humiliation sex webcam rooms what a let-down of a man you are, even when you’re at your lowest, suffering both mentally and physically. You will be hoping that it ends sooner than later, but it won’t because you’re their defective play toy and they won’t let you go until you realize that baby cock is useless to any woman, break down in tears from shame, and beg her for mercy.

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MissEloise will indulge in watching you squirm under her high heels, while she steps on you as if you’re a rug, and tells you how much she hates pathetic manlets with their dwarf dicks. Do you really think a girl like her, dressed in full latex, with a perfect body would ever show anything other than disgust in you? If there was anything worth about your tiny shriveled genitals, then you wouldn’t be shrugged off by all girls the moment they see what you’re “packing”.

If you want some attention, you’ll get it in the form of corporal punishment, a long stick is as close as she’s going to get to touch you. Of course, you won’t be petted, she’ll swing it while you’re bent over with your ass exposed, and make you shiver each time it makes contact with your skin. One after the other, your skin turning red, and she’ll keep talking about your acorn cock, and how she’s repulsed by it.

You have sustained your beatings, and now she wants to see if that tiny pecker can grow at all during our slave video chat play. The moment she starts fondling her tits over latex, you’ll get horny, adding another half an inch to it, is that all you can do?

She’ll keep rubbing her tits in your nose, but there’s no more motion down there, nothing at all, how disappointing. Finally, she lets you jerk it, but not too fast, and every time you get close to an orgasm, she will make you stop, so you’re falling deeper in despair.

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Where beatings don’t make a mark, words will, that’s what Domme_Adalyn counts on. She’s prepared for psychological warfare against an unprepared enemy in front of the camera. She’ll hit you where it hurts the most, your microscopic cock, she’ll tell you how dysfunctional that thing between your legs is, force you to repeat that you’re a little bitch, over and over again.

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Now that you realize what a wretched being you are, she’ll turn you into a sissy slave, and you don’t need much transformation to look like a cheap hooker during that live session. Some ripped pantyhose, a red lipstick, and you’ll be ready to toy yourself. This humiliation dominatrix doesn’t want to hear any nagging, no talking back at all, just shake your head that you understand, because she’s your pimp now, and your body is hers, she owns you.

Time to get trained, you’ll need a buttplug to prepare yourself, a bit of lube, and shove it straight in, you cockless slut. While it’s lodged in your asshole, you will have to go over and worship her feet, bow down before her, and tell how happy you are to serve her. You will find out what a real cock is, nothing like the thing you got, none of that tiny nonsense, a real firm 10-incher. That’s what you’ll have to work on, a giant dildo, and no matter how stretched out your bunghole already is, it’s nothing compared to what you’re about to stick deep inside it.

With every new inch that you’re pushing inside yourself, there is more suffering, and no matter how hurtful it is, you have to keep up and make your mistress proud for turning a tiny dick let-down into a faithful servant.

When you decide on our dick humiliation cam shows, you’re in hands of a mistress, and she decides what’s going to be done with you. If she tells you how abhorrent your pecker is, or decides to torture it, there’s nothing you’re able to do to stop her because disobedience can and will be punished, and you would just wish that you kept your mouth shut, who knows, maybe show up with a ball-gag and you might become her favorite small penis slave.