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It’s not like you will ever have a chance to get a woman interested in you sexually after she sees what a bottle cap of a cock you’ve got, but at least you can have the attention of one for longer than 5 seconds at femdom humiliation webcam chats that. You still won’t be praised for your courage to strip down and expose your shame for her, your sad life story and misery that reeks out of your face is of no interest to a domme. All you can hope for are roaring laughs, finger-pointing, and endless physical and mental shaming.

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Small Penis Humilation Cams

What is it with prissy dungeon dwellers like you and evil latex mistresses like DommeJayla? I can’t tell, and neither can she, but as long as you’re going to serve as a rug she can wipe the dirty boots off, then you’ve got a deal. She can’t say no to a slave who has a cock so small it needs to be jerked off with pincers, a comical creature who daydreams about fucking a woman.

That kind of stuff is reserved for men with really big cocks, they’re able to silence a bitch like her by stuffing that mouth with their meaty prick during the live private video chat session. Not only are you falling for a woman who tells you what a disgrace you are, but you’re going to watch her live as she fucks another man, and they will both mock you, that I’m sure of.

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Your hands will be tied behind your back, while you’re sitting on your chair, quietly whimpering like a loser, as she gobbles on a fat one. Cheap shot comments on your tragic excuse for a cock will only make the matter worse, while she’s getting ready to ride him.

Look at how her pussy is dripping wet, spreading open to swallow his firm manhood. It’s going to disappear inside her, and you’ll have no option but to listen to those loud moans coupled with sounds of their sexy bodies slapping against each other in a moment of heat. She’ll save the best for last, prepare to get facialized by her able lover, so you remember your place in the universe of live little penis humiliation cam rooms.

Nothing screams female empowerment like a maggot cock abomination getting his worthless balls crushed into a fine dust by an able domme. DirtyDestiny couldn’t be any more of a micro-dick hater. She would laugh in front of the camera if it wasn’t so sad to see what’s supposed to be a man, not having the most important part of his body fully functional doesn’t give you the right to call yourself one. Even with a full-blown erection, it’s looking like an almost burnt-out candle, calling it a dick is an overestimation at best.

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You’re not going to use it, which is not a surprise to anyone here, and just in case you’re thinking of spreading around your genes, think again. She’ll torture your balls so hard that whenever you get such an idea in the future, it’s going to fade away into nothingness in her cock humiliation live sex room. A combination of ice and toothpaste will make them tingle and wrinkle up so they match the size of your tiny dick.

A bit of poking with a needle just so she makes sure you’re feeling pain properly because she’s going to electrocute them. It might be already too much, but it’s none of her concerns, she enjoying herself while you’re in total desperation. If you muster up the courage to beg her to stop, then get ready for some stomping. You’ll slowly feel the weight of her entire body leaning in on your balls and cock alike.

She hates spoiled fags who can’t take a little bit of torture, and your crying won’t help your case, it’s only going to feed her cravings for further humiliation.

These ruthless cam dommes are your one-way ticket to degradation, that’s what you sign up for the moment you step into SPH video chat shows. It’s what you should be happy to settle with, not like some woman will look at your cock for longer than 2 seconds before she runs out of the room. This way you’re at least getting a female to acknowledge your existence, no matter how painful it might be for you.