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The strict women on the SM love humiliating guys with small cocks, and giving them hope that they are going to bust a nut and then crushing that dream is a whole different magnitude of satisfaction. You will come to our ruined orgasm cam pages with your maggot dick and wish that somehow these dommes are going to free you from all the built-up sexual tension, but in reality, they are going to increase it to a maximum level and then leave you hanging dry in misery. Your suffering is going to be their cathartic experience, nothing but a slave through whom they express a sadistic side that’s bursting to get released.

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SPH Ruined Orgasm Cams

Your heart rate is going to increase once you meet SPHPaige, her curves are barely fitting in the latex suit, and it’s enough to get you excited, but beneath all that beauty hides an evil domme who has no interest in letting you reach the pinnacle. She’s disappointed with you and that tiny member, and she won’t stop reminding you of your disadvantage, calling you a pin-dicked dwarf, and showing how her pinky finger is bigger than it.

Another day, another tiny dicked loser who is drooling over her, nothing new to see here, because she already knows how to deal with your kind. Have you ever seen such big tits in real-time? She doubts you did, but here, watch them in their glory, do you like what you see? Of course you do, and she knows how much you’re craving to fiddle with your junk, but that’s not going to happen until your willy hurts from teasing while doing a live SPH sex chat with you.

Once this humiliatrix thinks that you’ve seen enough, you will be ordered to stroke it, but only a couple of fast strokes. After that a couple more, and she’ll repeat as much as it takes. It’s like you’re taking two steps forward and one back, and slowly but surely all the pent-up frustration is about to get released. Not so fast, not over here, your domme doesn’t allow you to jerk off any longer, she’s going to crush your dreams of busting a nut, and you can do nothing about it.

Now, some mistresses like T&DMillie like to put you through some rough trials before you even get to touch yourself, you will be suffering physically, and then be given some hope after that, only to be struck even harder at the very end on our ruined orgasm webcams. The microscopic penis you’re “packing” should never see the light of the day, but here we are, you want to have a woman acknowledge your existence at least.

As expected, it comes with a price. You will have to go through gruesome cock torture to prove you’re resilient, but mainly because she just wants to watch you suffer. You will have wax dripped over your tip, and she’ll let it cool off in a bucket full of ice. Now she has to reignite that wax with a lighter, so it can melt off your pecker. She also may opt for electricity, needles, or simple stomping, whatever is needed.

SPH Ruined Orgasm Webcam Chat

After it all ends, she’ll grab a pencil and instruct you on how to stroke that needle of a cock. After all the hurt and suffering, you’re going through a blissful moment, stroking your cock on command of the woman you adore during SPH video chats. It feels good for a moment, even though she’s throwing insults your way, and telling you how repugnant that measly worm is.

Start, stop, start, stop, she’ll edge you so hard that you’re going to be suffering, sweating profusely, begging her to let you cum. Midget penis gnomes like you are her favorite pastime, no matter how much she destroys your already shaken ego, you’ll be coming back to serve her, never jizzing, no matter what you do for her.

These live humiliation sex cams are a place where weak men gather to get used for domme’s fun, because they know how desperate you are, easy to control. Who wouldn’t like having that acorn of a cock in front of themselves, open for criticism and mental destruction? That’s the less hurtful part, even when you get an inkling of pleasure, ordered to masturbate that little dick, they won’t let you take that ride to the end, the train stops early, and so do all your hopes and dreams.