TheLordChocolatx Penis Humiliation Cam

TheLordChocolatx Penis Humiliation Cam

If you’ve thought white girls are great mistresses, wait until you try an ebony domme, armed with a big black strap-on penis. Not only will you adore her, but you’ll beg for mercy once you see how big that thing is. Bigger than yours, that’s for sure, although it’s quite an easy feat since you’re “packing” a microcock.

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You can bet that she’s got a bunch of guys lined up to fuck her, and they’re without a doubt more impressive than you are. So, the only way someone like her can get some use out of a slave like you is to humiliate you when you join her SPH adult cam page. Don’t you worry, she’ll teach you all about sucking, you’re going to deepthroat and choke on a cock for as long as she wants you to.

Ultimately, she will record you at your weakest and turn you into a financial slave with some blackmail. If you want to keep a smudge of your pride, then you’ll have to shower her with gifts, buy her expensive designer clothing and perfumes, or just straight-out give her your credit card info. If you’re lucky, she might even let you cum, just make sure to be a good, obedient boy.