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Any mistress you choose on our humiliation cam2cam website, you will be reminded of your shortcomings, that tiny thing shriveled up in your pants won’t be able to see the light of the day without being ridiculed. The horror you’re making these women go through will bounce back to you in a form of mental and physical retribution. Did you think they want to see you fully nude?

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Little Penis Humiliation Cam2Cam Chat

No one in this whole wide world would, except these mistresses because they get to relieve some stress and express their sadistic side by torturing you and making you serve as their little dick slave, who will do as he’s told, and pamper them if needed.

When you’re face to face with DommeCorinne, she’ll instill a sense of fear and dread into you. Despite her athletic body and revealing clothes, there’s something in the look she’s giving you, while slowly smoking a cigarette, squinting her eyes, and piercing you with that cynical look.

She doesn’t even need to say a word in order to make it clear to you that she’s your owner on a C2C video chat which is what you need. With one flick of a finger, she’ll make it clear that you have to strip down, expose yourself in front of your queen. This humiliation slut will smirk, let out a sigh, and disappointedly whisper to herself “Another maggot cock loser”, and then she’ll say it louder, just in case you didn’t hear her first time.

What should she do with you? You’re supposed to be a man here, but everything about you reeks of despair and obedience, a mirror opposite of a man. You’re a shivering pussy, unworthy of using your tiny acorn, so she makes you lock it up in a chastity cage.

That’s better, now you’re starting to look like what you really are, a cockless sissy, and she is going to train you on how to take a cock. You will have to prepare your pussy with a dildo, big and firm, just like a normal man’s dick, but you wouldn’t know anything about those. You will feel it stretching you, and you’ll have to keep up with her demands, no matter how tough it gets, you will pound yourself hard, and maybe next time she will treat you to her strap-on.

MissGenesys wishes all you small penis bastards would disappear from the face of the earth, and she’ll at least do her part by torturing you while having live sex show with you. There’s no talking back to her unless she’s asked you a question, and even then, you better think of the shortest answer possible, because you might get punished for your disobedience.

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Get bent for her, pull down your underwear, and lift up the shirt, so she has a clear view of your behind. You will get whipped and slapped with a paddle until it starts turning blue, and you’re silently crying to yourself. That’s the moment your humiliation webcam mistress was waiting for, and you can hear her sinister laughs, which will haunt you for days.

Now it’s time for the real deal, your little one, and those raisins attached to it. First, she’ll get some weights around your balls, and make you stand still, watch her tease you by rubbing her pussy over panties so that tiny cock gets hard. It’s still looking godawful, but it’s making your balls hurt even more.

She will grab a candle, and slowly drip the wax over your baby dick. The burning sensation, coupled with your balls getting pulled to the ground, feeling like they will be ripped apart, is unbearable. You will have to keep the wax on your willy until it cools off, forming a mold, that she will keep as a trophy, a reminder of one more slave she has broken down.

When you sign up on little penis humiliation cam2cam chat, you’re offering yourself to the dommes, and they will do with you as they please, after all, you’re a loser and they are in charge. You can find a micro cock hating succubus at any time, and they will be more than pleased to welcome you into their world of mental degradation, various insults regarding your disadvantage, and multiple torture methods of their choice.