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  • MorganxReigns Cam2Cam


    MorganxReigns Dick Humiliation Cam2Cam

    MorganxReigns is a smoking hot redhead MILF with big natural titties and a bouncing ass who joined the industry after years of being a porn star on and off. She always wanted to be an adult entertainer, and it seems like she found her balance as a cam whore. She loves her fans, and she does everything for them. Even if she doesn’t look like a dominatrix, she loves to dominate, and she even gets turned on when men ask her to humiliate them live. She can trash anyone with a big smile on her face, which makes everything even more exciting.

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    Join her in a private cam2cam fun and turn on your camera. An experience with her isn’t something you get every day. She’s an experienced porn star and knows what men need to feel satisfied. From cuckold roleplay and SPH to nastier things like CBT or CEI, she does it all. On top of that, she’s an American MILF, which means her dirty talking is excellent. Enjoy the ultimate porn star experience with this hottie and let yourself be carried away by lust.

  • RosiexJay Webcam


    RosiexJay Dick Humiliation Webcam

    RosiexJay is a cute young redhead PAWG with an enormous bouncing ass and some wide hips to go well with it that makes her so breedable. She also has a pair of awesome titties to complete the curves of her body, with which she drives so many guys crazy. On top of that, she also has a cute face and a big smile. A woman like this can select the dicks she’s riding. And by the looks of it, it seems like only the big ones can get her off properly.

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    That doesn’t mean there’s no room for the small dick men when you see her webcam page. She loves their attention too. And don’t let yourself be fooled by that lovely smile she always keeps on her face in private shows. She might seem friendly, but she can be mean and hurtful. If you want to go through a maddening dick humiliation session, just enter her private chat room. She’s America, so you know that her trash talking is on point. And she loves it when men turn on their cams too so that she can laugh at their size.

  • OhhxVixen Video Chat


    OhhxVixen SPH Video Chat Site

    OhhxVixen is the ultimate thick MILF who knows everything about men. Not only that she has many years of experience as a webcam star and also as a lover, but she also understands how men work and what pushes their buttons in order to make them feel orgasms both physically and mentally. She’s sophisticated, creative and wild. Her beauty is very natural. She’s has that ideal girlfriend or wife vibe that tells you she’d be a great partner for conversation and also an excellent lover who will make you open up about your wildest fantasies.

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    That’s why she makes such a good dominatrix. She’s not dominating men because she is mean. She does it because she knows they love it. No matter what your dirtiest fantasy is, she will please it for you. Because she’s smart and creative, with a cute East European accent, she’s great for dirty talking and JOI play. And her tiny cock humiliation video chat shows, sissy training sessions or cuckold fantasies are nothing like you’ve ever experienced. Join her for a private session and let her get under your skin.

  • DoraxKent Cam Site


    DoraxKent Humiliation Cam Site

    If you’re looking for the best, then let’s face it, a tall mid-40s mistress who’s going to humiliate you for having a tiny dick is at the very top on our SPH sex cam site now. You will watch her prance around in a tight leather top, sexy stockings, and high heels. She is going to give out orders, make you strip down, judge you while smoking her cigarette, and start dishing out insults.

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    You’ve got such a miniature prick, she couldn’t even imagine someone being so miserable. Alright then, show her what you’ve got, stroke it for her. When she sees how much you’re trying to get it bigger and harder, sweating, your heart racing, she’s going to make you stop. You’re not worthy of jerking off in front of her at the SPHCamsChat.com website but you could do something else to win her over.

    It’s time to get sissyfied, she will guide you through the whole process, the make-up, the outfit, every last bit. And since you’re obviously not worthy of being called a man, your domme is going to take the masculine role live online. She will get a strap-on, and show you what big hard dicks are supposed to look and feel like. Your boy pussy is about to gape, and you’re going to beg her to go harder on you.

  • MistressSonnya SPH Cam2Cam


    MistressSonnya SPH Cam2Cam Sex

    Here’s a mistress that’s damn fine, the black hair, slender build, olive skin, green eyes, everything about her makes you wanna scream “punish me, mistress”. And you most certainly will, she’s the one everyone wants their cock punished by on these SPH cam2cam sites. That way you will establish yourself as her go-to slave, the one who will see her pussy juices flowing from excitement and dominance.

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    Before she starts toying with your dick, she’ll have to see it, and once she lays her eyes on that little thing in your pants, get ready. She won’t spare words at your expense, each and every one of them will be like a punch in the gut, cutting deeper the louder she laughs and compares it to little objects. Bottle caps, pins, cigarette butts, just about anything goes.

    Once the stage is set and your confidence is at an all-time high, MistressSonya will bury her fingers in her snatch and start masturbating. This humiliation domme loves it when weak, tiny-dicked men lust over her curves and that tasty, soaking wet slit. In the meantime, you will have to drip candle wax on your miserable dicklet, and hope that once she’s pleased, you get to jerk off.

  • DevixDeRanged Live Sex


    DevixDeRanged Live SPH Sex Show

    If you’re a fan of dommes tattooed from head to toe, the one who will bring you to your knees, then this girl is it. Her face though is a face of an angel, which is quite a contrast but works wonders. You’ll fall in love with her at the first sight, only to be used and abused. She will be all playful with you, practically seduce you even more, and tell you to strip down during a live sex action.

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    And then the fun part starts, she begins humiliating your pathetic cock. SPH fetish is her favorite, a way to make a man feel worthless and get him under control. She loves calling her slaves all kinds of names, “Microcock bitch”, “pin-dicked loser”, or “Tiny pecker sissy”. That’s just the tip of an iceberg.

    Later on, she’ll make you stroke it with tweezers, just to see you under pressure. No matter how you behave, she might turn you into a sissy, put on a strap-on, and get to work. Your tight man-pussy will get stretched out, drilled, and gaped, just the way you like it, don’t you? Doesn’t matter, she’s the one leading the charge here, and you better succumb to her demands.

  • OrianaaDexter Webcam Session


    OrianaaDexter SPH Webcam Session

    OrianaaDexter knows everything about domination and what pathetic men need from a dominatrix. If you need a little dick humiliation webcam session with a mistress who is an expert in making men feel good by hurting their manhood, she is the one who can take care of your twisted desires. Her shows can come in English because she speaks it perfectly. But she can also offer her live chat shows in Spanish.

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    She’s 28, a perfect age for a domina. On the one hand, she has a perfect body. Her natural tits are perfect and she will give you the chance to stare at them while she talks about your cock. She wears strap-on cocks sometimes, to show dominance through size comparison. And she can please so many other BDSM fantasies. CBT is another specialty of this brunette goddess. Her ways will baffle you, but she will need you to join a cam2cam private for that. She’s ready to offer you a great time no matter if you are a novice or an experienced slave boy. She’s online every day, for about 9 hours. But you should enter her private room as soon as you see that she’s free. Lots of men want to submit to her dirty will.

  • Filled with plenty of vile-minded mistresses, a humiliation cam session is what a guy with a small cock needs. Does it sound familiar? If you’re an acorn cock manlet, then it’s time to get your “junk” laughed at, compared to tiny objects, and undermined like it never was before, while you beg her for more.

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    SPH Webcam Live Chat

    At least you’re getting some attention from a woman, one thing that’s going to give you the drive necessary for long video chat sessions on the SPHCamsChat.com now. They’re so hot, embellished with lavish titties and soaking wet pussies, teasing you with them until that thing in your pants reaches its maximum size, and then you’ll hear all about how it’s not enough to please her.

    A mistress like CindySexxx loves watching you sweat and struggle while jerking off that micro thing. The more you’re into it, the harder she’s going to push you, just so she can ground you back, deny an orgasm, and humiliate you. What a sadistic girl like her needs, is a slave, the one who is going to serve her.

    You’ll observe the way she slides the fingers inside her bra, twist those nipples and moan out loud from excitement. Just like that, perfect, a woman of your dreams enjoying herself during a cam2cam action. Suddenly she commands you to strip down, and you’ll do it, hesitantly, dreading the moment she sees what a let-down you are.

    Her laughs, loud and condescending, take your mind over. You’re standing there with a miniature cock in your hands, which retracts and shrivels even more from embarrassment. But you’re allowed to stroke it during a live humiliation video chat, no matter how pathetic you are, she still wants to entertain herself and observe how you even jerk that small of a cock.

    Can you even imagine how weird it feels for a woman like her to watch you stroke it with only two fingers? It can’t even be put in words, but her actions are going to show disgust. Every time you’re about to cum, she’ll swing her leather whip towards you and demand you stop, ruining orgasm after orgasm, sending you in a pit of despair while she goes through a moment of bliss and cums herself.

    A more physical approach is the mastery of MissAmelia, she can hardly stand watching a small penis, let alone enjoy herself while you’re nude in front of her. If it wasn’t so sad and tiny, this humiliatrix might actually let you play with yourself, but since she gets grossed out by such dicklets, it’s going to be tortured.

    You’ll have to tie a bow around it, so tight that it swells up, looking seemingly bigger than before. She will experiment on it, maybe there is a way to make it look even bigger? You’ll tie weights around it and stand up straight, walk around, and feel the pressure dragging your small cock to the ground while you’re trying to resist it.

    Guess that won’t work, what a disappointment, and here this humiliatrix was, thinking you’re actually somewhat of a man. Well, she has a replacement, and this guy is so hung that even you will drool from such a sight. Like a miserable cuck, you’re going to observe what a real cock can do in her femdom cam room, all while getting candle wax dripped on your prick.

    They’re both laughing at you, even going as far as to compare your “tool” with miniature objects like batteries and cigarettes, which are honestly even bigger than what you’ve got. You’ll beg them to stop, but this couple won’t stop until you’re watching him cum all over that curvy body of hers, spraying her with a thick load which you’ll have to lick off her as an ultimate punishment.

    There are plenty of ways a session on SPH humiliation sex cams can go, and it’s all up to you. Whether it’s a petite babe ridiculing your dicklet, or a bombshell mistress torturing it, you’ll get exactly what you want, and more. These dommes are ready to face any kind of a challenge, no cock is too small to be humiliated.

    If you’re ready to face them, then don’t hesitate because some other guys just like you might snatch the perfect mistress right in front of your face, and you wouldn’t want that to happen. Try out a private chat, so you and that tiny cock of yours can get humiliated by a professional sadist.

  • Little Penis Humiliation Cam2Cam Chat


    Any mistress you choose on our humiliation cam2cam website, you will be reminded of your shortcomings, that tiny thing shriveled up in your pants won’t be able to see the light of the day without being ridiculed. The horror you’re making these women go through will bounce back to you in a form of mental and physical retribution. Did you think they want to see you fully nude?

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    Little Penis Humiliation Cam2Cam Chat

    No one in this whole wide world would, except these mistresses because they get to relieve some stress and express their sadistic side by torturing you and making you serve as their little dick slave, who will do as he’s told, and pamper them if needed.

    When you’re face to face with DommeCorinne, she’ll instill a sense of fear and dread into you. Despite her athletic body and revealing clothes, there’s something in the look she’s giving you, while slowly smoking a cigarette, squinting her eyes, and piercing you with that cynical look.

    She doesn’t even need to say a word in order to make it clear to you that she’s your owner on a C2C video chat which is what you need. With one flick of a finger, she’ll make it clear that you have to strip down, expose yourself in front of your queen. This humiliation slut will smirk, let out a sigh, and disappointedly whisper to herself “Another maggot cock loser”, and then she’ll say it louder, just in case you didn’t hear her first time.

    What should she do with you? You’re supposed to be a man here, but everything about you reeks of despair and obedience, a mirror opposite of a man. You’re a shivering pussy, unworthy of using your tiny acorn, so she makes you lock it up in a chastity cage.

    That’s better, now you’re starting to look like what you really are, a cockless sissy, and she is going to train you on how to take a cock. You will have to prepare your pussy with a dildo, big and firm, just like a normal man’s dick, but you wouldn’t know anything about those. You will feel it stretching you, and you’ll have to keep up with her demands, no matter how tough it gets, you will pound yourself hard, and maybe next time she will treat you to her strap-on.

    MissGenesys wishes all you small penis bastards would disappear from the face of the earth, and she’ll at least do her part by torturing you while having live sex show with you. There’s no talking back to her unless she’s asked you a question, and even then, you better think of the shortest answer possible, because you might get punished for your disobedience.

    SPH Webcam Session

    Live Tiny Penis Humiliation JOI Webcams

    Get bent for her, pull down your underwear, and lift up the shirt, so she has a clear view of your behind. You will get whipped and slapped with a paddle until it starts turning blue, and you’re silently crying to yourself. That’s the moment your humiliation webcam mistress was waiting for, and you can hear her sinister laughs, which will haunt you for days.

    Now it’s time for the real deal, your little one, and those raisins attached to it. First, she’ll get some weights around your balls, and make you stand still, watch her tease you by rubbing her pussy over panties so that tiny cock gets hard. It’s still looking godawful, but it’s making your balls hurt even more.

    She will grab a candle, and slowly drip the wax over your baby dick. The burning sensation, coupled with your balls getting pulled to the ground, feeling like they will be ripped apart, is unbearable. You will have to keep the wax on your willy until it cools off, forming a mold, that she will keep as a trophy, a reminder of one more slave she has broken down.

    When you sign up on little penis humiliation cam2cam chat, you’re offering yourself to the dommes, and they will do with you as they please, after all, you’re a loser and they are in charge. You can find a micro cock hating succubus at any time, and they will be more than pleased to welcome you into their world of mental degradation, various insults regarding your disadvantage, and multiple torture methods of their choice.

  • Chastity Sex Cam Shows


    It’s time you surrender the fate of your very little prick to the sadistic women, and they will put a lock on it for the foreseeable future. You can count on dommes in these chastity cams chat rooms to take control over your whole body, and that includes the abomination you call a dick. Such a loser like yourself is going to get clawed into and shred into pieces by vile mistresses, an easy prey with your chipolata cock.

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    Chastity Cams Chat

    When you’re in their sight, they won’t let you touch yourself, because honestly, that’s a sight no woman wants to bear witness to, but they know the moment you’re not being controlled that you won’t be able to resist the urge to jerk off. You can join these live sex shows and enjoy being humiliated by superior females.

    In the spur of a moment, MissIsabella will treat you to juicy insults because she can’t stand the likes of you who have a stumpy member. It’s a horrid sight, a man, but not really, just the thought of you stroking that maggot with two fingers is enough to make her gag.

    She wants to make sure you won’t be jerking off, and that’s when a chastity lock comes into play while having an online live cam2cam action with her. Tightly squeezing around the shaft of your cock, and covering it all the way to the tip so it’s nicely covered, hidden from eyesight. Now, even if she accidentally glances in its direction, she won’t see it, she could strain her eyes if she wanted to focus on finding your micropenis there.

    You will be in even greater pain once she starts teasing you, using a dildo to show you how she performs a footjob, or licking it top to bottom, and sucking like a hungry slut. It’s impossible not to get horny from such a thing, and you’ll feel your prick hurting as it starts to grow, still not enough to be seen, but enough to inflict you greater suffering. She’ll enjoy doing all kinds of dirty things while having private humiliation webcams, just to make you hornier, for the first time in your life you have such a stunning woman getting kinky for you, and you’ll beg her to stop because the pain is unbearable.

    Domme Selene feels empowered when she jumps in a latex suit and makes her enormous booty stand out even more. Her goal is to break you down and make you serve your chastity domme as a dedicated slave when you visit SPHCamsChat, and the lack of penis in your pants motivates her to beat the obedience out of you.

    She will be placing a chastity device on you, but that can’t happen because your pencil cock has stiffened up from the sight off her glorious behind, she’ll have to turn it flaccid by torturing your balls. She’ll try beating them with a whip, kicking you with her heavy boots, poking with needles, but you like all of that don’t you? Well, there’s a cure for every sickness, and she has ice prepared for you, it’s going to make your pecker shrivel up in no time.

    Chastity Webcam

    Now that she’s got you limp, your tiny mouse is going in a cage. All tightly squeezed in a metal container, you will be unable to get an erection not only on her SPH live sessions but just all the time. After all, she wants you to witness what a proper firm dick is, her black strap-on, that’s how it is supposed to look like. The best way to show you is to make you feel it.

    She’ll spread your legs, approach you from behind, and slowly push the rubber ten inch dildo inside your asshole. You will be in agony as she’s grabbing your shoulder to gain more leverage and stick it as deep as it can go in front of the camera. Screaming, begging, whatever you do won’t matter, she’s enjoying herself, and the more you’re nagging the harder she’s going to fuck you, so it’s known who’s in charge.

    A defunct dick doesn’t deserve to see the light of the day, and your mistresses will remind you of that fact with a chastity cage, it’s supposed to be hidden far from sight, and far from reach of your filthy hands.

    Just because you are a miserable owner of a tiny cock doesn’t change the fact that you are their play toy, the first rule of the online chastity webcam shows is that you’re here for their amusement, what you want or crave doesn’t matter, and if you don’t grasp that concept, then humiliation live dommes will take you through it one step at a time, each tougher than the last one.