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She’s not even convinced that you’re a man, what’s that, a couple of dry raisins hanging underneath? She’ll flick them just to make sure, and the pain you’re experiencing while she’s humiliating you will be enough for her to make sure, but she’ll have to throw in some pinching with clamps to be completely assured. Look at that it seems as if you’ve been mutilated, that’s how small your junk is. Don’t worry, she’ll show you what a proper cock looks like, and she’s got just the guy for a job. She is a real humiliatrix cam model so she knows how to handle subs.

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There’s nothing you can do but watch your beloved live humiliatrix treating someone else to what you were hoping for, and you’re starting to tear up as she mounts this restless stud in front of the camera. After they are finished, you are going to stick around and clean up all the mess they’ve made, that’s about as close you’re going to get to participate.

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Now that she sees it clearer, she can see that you’re not that different from online girls, except for your clothes, that you will have to work on, but it’s a long process of feminization. Just so you get used to being a sissy, she’ll make you wear a bra and thongs under your everyday wear. This webcam humiliation mistress also wants you to wear a buttplug, stick it up your ass, and proudly wear it until you’re back for another round of orders when you enter these online cam2cam sessions which will make you feel like a worthless wimp that you really are.

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  • It might seem like a nun is supposed to be kind and forgiving towards everyone, but you and your baby cock won’t be spared from merciless criticism which will shake you to the very core. That gross little thing between your legs is going to get mocked by a holy sister, who won’t spare words to ridicule you. A disgusting manlet like you is going to experience cruel nun humiliation webcam shows in sweat and tears, all the way until the end, and you’ll be leaving with the tail between your legs like a sad puppy when you’re finished with.

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    MissMaria hates unruly schoolboys who go around flailing their dicks to girls during recess. You’ll have to go into her office, so she can deal with you eye to eye. She wants to see what’s the matter with you, what kind of an unhinged maniac does that? The moment you pull your pants down, the sinister laugh is going to fill the room, echoing in your head. Even she knows that a real dick isn’t supposed to be so shriveled up, and your face is going to get all red from embarrassment.

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    You will be surprised when she starts teasing you, lifting her gown up to give you some inspiration, her firm buns, so you get closer to cumming. Is your needle cock ready to release some nut milk? You jerk off faster, but all that gets out is a couple of drops on the floor. You’re not even able to jizz like a real man, and you won’t hear the end of it, she’ll keep laughing from the bottom of her heart, and command you to clean up the mess while performing SPH live sex chats, because she doesn’t want to deal with that sticky goo.

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    Look at her pussy as she spreads her legs open. If you’re a changed man, then your maggot cock won’t be wiggling, but she can see it getting stiff. That’s it, you’ve crossed the line. She will have to cleanse you with holy candles, by dripping wax over your midget cock. It’s the only way, and you will have to wear the cock ring until you come back to confess next time, she has to be sure you won’t be playing with that microscopic abomination.

    You will find out quickly what these live humiliation cam sites have to offer to minuscule men like yourself. Even though they might not seem so harsh, the moment your pecker is seen, the strict nuns will get grossed out and undermine your pointless efforts at getting some attention. How sad, a holy sister, making fun of you for having a tiny penis, and there’s nothing you can do to change their opinion, if there is a rock bottom, you have managed to hit it.

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    By now you should know that women have no interest in such disappointing baby dicks, but you’re trying with all your might to get some attention. Granted, you will get some, but the form in which they want to play is revolving around your endless suffering and mindless following of orders, no questions asked.

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    She’ll indulge in torturing you by spreading open her legs, so you can see her panties, and get horny as hell. This is what you’ve been waiting for, but she’s got your hands tied.

    No, you won’t be touching your microscopic cock in her presence, she wants to tease you with her heavenly beauty, while you’re sweating, getting a hard-on, which let’s face it, is barely noticeable, and you will get a strong case of blue balls, so jerking off after she cold-heartedly kicks you out would be a traumatic experience rather than a relieving one.

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    First, an anal hook in your bunghole and the other end is going in your mouth, so in case you move an inch, it’s going to lodge deeper inside you in humiliation online sex sessions. She’ll take a whip as you’re kneeling on all fours and swing along your back and ass, while from time to time kicking your miniature dick, and you have to endure all of that and make sure not to move an inch.

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    When you’re in their sight, they won’t let you touch yourself, because honestly, that’s a sight no woman wants to bear witness to, but they know the moment you’re not being controlled that you won’t be able to resist the urge to jerk off. You can join these live sex shows and enjoy being humiliated by superior females.

    In the spur of a moment, MissIsabella will treat you to juicy insults because she can’t stand the likes of you who have a stumpy member. It’s a horrid sight, a man, but not really, just the thought of you stroking that maggot with two fingers is enough to make her gag.

    She wants to make sure you won’t be jerking off, and that’s when a chastity lock comes into play while having an online live cam2cam action with her. Tightly squeezing around the shaft of your cock, and covering it all the way to the tip so it’s nicely covered, hidden from eyesight. Now, even if she accidentally glances in its direction, she won’t see it, she could strain her eyes if she wanted to focus on finding your micropenis there.

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    Domme Selene feels empowered when she jumps in a latex suit and makes her enormous booty stand out even more. Her goal is to break you down and make you serve your chastity domme as a dedicated slave when you visit SPHCamsChat, and the lack of penis in your pants motivates her to beat the obedience out of you.

    She will be placing a chastity device on you, but that can’t happen because your pencil cock has stiffened up from the sight off her glorious behind, she’ll have to turn it flaccid by torturing your balls. She’ll try beating them with a whip, kicking you with her heavy boots, poking with needles, but you like all of that don’t you? Well, there’s a cure for every sickness, and she has ice prepared for you, it’s going to make your pecker shrivel up in no time.

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    Now that she’s got you limp, your tiny mouse is going in a cage. All tightly squeezed in a metal container, you will be unable to get an erection not only on her SPH live sessions but just all the time. After all, she wants you to witness what a proper firm dick is, her black strap-on, that’s how it is supposed to look like. The best way to show you is to make you feel it.

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    A defunct dick doesn’t deserve to see the light of the day, and your mistresses will remind you of that fact with a chastity cage, it’s supposed to be hidden far from sight, and far from reach of your filthy hands.

    Just because you are a miserable owner of a tiny cock doesn’t change the fact that you are their play toy, the first rule of the online chastity webcam shows is that you’re here for their amusement, what you want or crave doesn’t matter, and if you don’t grasp that concept, then humiliation live dommes will take you through it one step at a time, each tougher than the last one.

  • You might be starved for attention from a woman and you will get it at this JOI webcam site, but it will be layered with humiliation and unpleasantries for you. There’s always a domme waiting on a sex depraved small cock loser she can lash out on, tell him what a failure he is, and order him to do all kinds of filthy things before he can get instructed on how to masturbate.

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    If you can live with egregious insults, never-ending commands to worship every piece of her body, and undoubtedly become a faithful slave, then she’ll give you a pat on your back and some guidance.

    DommeLeah is dead serious when it comes to jerk off instructions, but there’s something about tiny cocks attached to a nerdy loser like you that makes her burst out in laughter. You will stand there dumbfounded, getting red like a crab, because she doesn’t even need to say a word to make you feel like a total piece of shit when you join her fetish cam2cam room.

    Granted, she will have fun with you, it’s not every day that she stumbles upon someone so disgusting, that’s why there are hard tasks coming your way if you want to touch yourself. You will have to place elastic bands around your tiny cock, until it turns blue, while simultaneously pressing your balls with a nutcracker until they feel like bursting all over the room.

    Take a moment to relax from the torture, because there’s another one coming your way. She’ll poke your genitals with a needle, and then grab a spoon and flick them like church bells. If your cock looked small before, now it’s going to shrink up, looking like a clitoris. Tortured, exhausted from extreme punishment, you will now get what you’ve been craving for in the humiliation live sex chat on the SPHCamsChat site.

    Grab your willy, with two fingers, of course, anything more than that would be overboard, and stroke it in an upwards direction. It won’t take long for a pitiful disgrace like yourself to reach the boiling point, orgasm is just around the corner, but being the sadistic mistress that she is, you’ll have to stop. It can go on like that for as long as she likes, you’ll suffer from the inability to cum, because she enjoys denying you what you yearn for the most.

    As pathetic as you are, MissBrooklyn will enjoy prolonging your masturbation instruction session for as long as she can. You’ll have to wear a chastity belt around your wiggling maggot, for hours, days, as long as she wants to. If you’re going about your business, she will make sure to check up on you, and you will have to send her a picture, proof that you’re faithful, and wearing it no matter the circumstance.

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    She’ll tease you with luscious tits, fondle them in your face, and pinch her nipples, it will all make her moan in pleasure, while you’re unable to touch your mini penis. It’s going to drive you mad, there will be so much sperm collecting over the time, but you won’t get to empty your nuts until she says so.

    When the moment comes, and she allows you to take off the device on your member that has been holding you back for so long, you’ll have to promise her one thing. All the cum that’s gathered in there will have to be poured in a crystal-clear glass, and you’re going to eat it.

    In the heat of the moment, and the will to finally set your baby cock free, you comply. She’s teasing you again, ordering you to rub it with the palm of your hand. One or two times, then stop for ten seconds, repeat the process, and then switch to the weaker hand.

    You’ll be finished soon, a load of cum so big, like you’ve never splurged out before, and it has almost filled the glass to the top. Throwback your head, stick the tongue out and pour it down your throat, feel it sliding down to your guts, while she’s reveling in your misery. 

    A poignant needle dick pig like yourself will have his spirit broken by mistresses in our JOI video sex chat rooms. If you want help from a woman to jerk off your micropenis, then you will have to go through the trials and tribulations of a domme before getting some satisfaction.

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    Missty is your imaginary partner, but she’s barely even able to watch you stand there, unable to do a thing with that stump of yours. Disgust overwhelms her the moment she takes a glance at your repulsive genitals, and she has had enough.

    It’s time you’re shown how a big dick is enough to domesticate a fiery woman like her. Towards you she’s crude, always belittling you, telling you that you’ve got a maggot cock, humiliating you again by making you lick her feet, spanking your ass, but that wouldn’t be the case if your small penis was of any use to her. That’s why she’s partnered with a BBC stud, a real man, capable of fucking her like a bull, and you have no say in this matter.

    She is forcing you to touch his schlong, feel how heavy it is in your hands, and give him a stroke to get it prepared for her. You’re shoved aside into the corner and made to watch in this cuckold live webcam, you can’t believe your eyes, she’s kneeling in front of a man. His monster cock is turning her into the submissive one, and she opens her mouth wide to suck on that jawbreaker.

    Don’t worry, she didn’t forget of your pathetic existence, she’ll remind you how off-putting your acorn of a cock is, and you’ll be crying there, alone. She’s so dick-depraved that her greedy sucking is making him cum, she gets her mouth filled up nicely, but she won’t be swallowing, that’s your job, she’ll get closer to you, make you open your mouth wide, and spit out the semen so you can feed on it.

    Don’t get too hung up on MissAlley, but who am I kidding, you absolutely will fall for those slutty college cheerleader looks. An absolute bombshell and she can’t be made to settle for an under-achiever. An outgoing girl like her will quickly find a replacement, don’t think your small dick can do anything close to pleasing her on these live sex websites, and in case you did have those thoughts, she will make it quite clear that you’re an embarrassment.

    A baby carrot abomination, it’s as if there’s a pussy where your dick should be. You would make for a nice sissy, and she’s going to turn you into one, like it or not. Armed with a wig and her slutty clothes, you two will look like twin sisters, only one is dirty and spoiled. She can’t wait to show you her new guy, a jock, athletic, charming, a total hunk.

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    She’ll take her fuzzy cuffs to tie you to the bed, and you have to watch how a normal man uses his cock, not that you’re going to learn something from it, she just wants to have her fun. You will be filled with desperation and shame during that cuckold humiliation webcam session, while she’s having the time of her life, getting manhandled, pounded without mercy. Through the moans you can hear her screaming to be fucked harder, while her lover tells you how pathetic you are, laughing at your obedience and those girly clothes.

    Even he is disrespecting you, and the cherry on top will be his cum, served inside a cup of coffee instead of milk, because you look like you need a strong drink.

    You won’t have the courage to talk back to your mistress, even when she’s taking a dick down her throat just to prove a point because you’re a scared micro cock fag who can’t stand for himself. These SPH private cams are filled with nasty dommes, and they couldn’t be any happier to crush a manlet’s dreams with their cuckolding surprises.

  • No, you’re not mistaken, your cock is a baby carrot, and you have come to the right place to have it ridiculed. Whatever mistress you choose on the SPH live webcam chat, she will make sure that you’re stripped of your pride, if there is any left in there, your self-confidence will be destroyed, and before you know it, she will use you as her doormat.

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    The way she sees it, even a telescope couldn’t help her find that micro cock of yours, it’s like an atom, and she can’t be bothered to search for it. It’s a shame you’re calling yourself a man at all because you’re looking like a sissy faggot and she will turn you into one.

    MissZara can’t stand insufferable small penis pricks like yourself. From the bottom of her soul, she hates your clinginess, if any woman manages to stand looking at you for more than two seconds, you’re instantly hooked, thinking she will give you some attention. That’s where you’re wrong with this one, the only reason she’s allowing you to be in her vicinity is that she feels the need to lash out at someone to relieve some stress. “What you’re looking at, you pinkie dick failure”? She’ll scream at you so your whole body starts shivering.

    “Drop down and kiss my feet maggot”. You’ll have to comply, it’s a direct order, and she won’t let you off the hook that easy. You are turned into a humiliation slave because you’re afraid of what she might do to you if you don’t do as you’re told in this jerk off instruction cam chat room.

    Look at yourself, so miserable, she’s pointing at your acorn of a dick and laughing from the bottom of her heart. At least you’re serving as amusement for your new owner. A clown like you deserves to see what a proper cock looks like. She has a surprise, her lover, a big dick stud, and just when you thought there was something between you, she’ll make you suffer by watching her pussy get pounded because you’re a pathetic cuck.

    If a man has a small cock, then he’s not a man to ViolentVannessa. You will be ordered to strip down, while she’s smirking at you with a crooked smile, cigarette in her mouth, so vile and judgemental, and with the right to do so. The longer she’s scanning you, the more uncomfortable you feel about it until she shakes off the ashes and points out at the ashtray in front of her, comparing your member to cigarette butts.

    She’ll tell you that thing between your legs doesn’t even look like a cock, it’s as if you have an 80-year-old granny’s genitals, with a clitoris poking out. What is the matter with you? And why are you dressed like a man at all? By the looks of it, you should be wearing pretty colorful dresses, stockings, and high heels. She wants to right all the wrongs regarding your looks, so she’s going to turn you into a sissy.

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    You will look like a fairy tale princess, her personal dumb little slut, and she’ll make you bend over to get spanked properly on live cam2cam sites which is what you need so much in your pathetic life. What’s that, you want her to stop? Fine, she’s got something else prepared for you.

    A fine throbbing strap-on cock, and she will fuck your “pussy” with it until you can’t take it no more. The pain of a plastic cock as it starts probing your anus is elevated by her harsh mental degradation, you’re a chipolata cock abomination, a faggy scum, who’s finally getting what was supposed to be done a long time ago. Your behind will be aching for days because of slapping and pounding, and you won’t be able to walk properly, at least next time you will know what to expect.

    You might not even get the honor of having your dick freely wiggling down there, if a mistress locks it in a chastity cage, there will be no fiddling with your tiny cock on the SPH cam chat. Imagine getting teased by big tits, or getting your genitals tortured, your fate is in the hands of a sadistic dominatrix. They are free to do whatever they want with you because there’s the fear instilled in your shaking bones from the moment your paths cross.

  • It’s not like you will ever have a chance to get a woman interested in you sexually after she sees what a bottle cap of a cock you’ve got, but at least you can have the attention of one for longer than 5 seconds at femdom humiliation webcam chats that. You still won’t be praised for your courage to strip down and expose your shame for her, your sad life story and misery that reeks out of your face is of no interest to a domme. All you can hope for are roaring laughs, finger-pointing, and endless physical and mental shaming.

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    What is it with prissy dungeon dwellers like you and evil latex mistresses like DommeJayla? I can’t tell, and neither can she, but as long as you’re going to serve as a rug she can wipe the dirty boots off, then you’ve got a deal. She can’t say no to a slave who has a cock so small it needs to be jerked off with pincers, a comical creature who daydreams about fucking a woman.

    That kind of stuff is reserved for men with really big cocks, they’re able to silence a bitch like her by stuffing that mouth with their meaty prick during the live private video chat session. Not only are you falling for a woman who tells you what a disgrace you are, but you’re going to watch her live as she fucks another man, and they will both mock you, that I’m sure of.

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    Your hands will be tied behind your back, while you’re sitting on your chair, quietly whimpering like a loser, as she gobbles on a fat one. Cheap shot comments on your tragic excuse for a cock will only make the matter worse, while she’s getting ready to ride him.

    Look at how her pussy is dripping wet, spreading open to swallow his firm manhood. It’s going to disappear inside her, and you’ll have no option but to listen to those loud moans coupled with sounds of their sexy bodies slapping against each other in a moment of heat. She’ll save the best for last, prepare to get facialized by her able lover, so you remember your place in the universe of live little penis humiliation cam rooms.

    Nothing screams female empowerment like a maggot cock abomination getting his worthless balls crushed into a fine dust by an able domme. DirtyDestiny couldn’t be any more of a micro-dick hater. She would laugh in front of the camera if it wasn’t so sad to see what’s supposed to be a man, not having the most important part of his body fully functional doesn’t give you the right to call yourself one. Even with a full-blown erection, it’s looking like an almost burnt-out candle, calling it a dick is an overestimation at best.

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