There’s nothing about that tiny dick of yours that’s worth looking at, honestly, you’re a disgrace, a pathetic little man with his stub hiding in a bush of pubes. It’s no surprise that you’re so desperate for any kind of attention from a woman, no matter how much you are going to suffer and get degraded, you’re gonna be happy to even be looked at by a female on humiliation sex cam chats that can not be missed when you enter our live SPH adult website today. The laughter of a sadistic mistress ensues as you’re standing there totally nude, profusely sweating like a pig, looking as if you’re going to collapse through the floor from the embarrassment.

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A petite housewife clad in fishnet lingerie with large tits, every man’s dream, and when you’re in question, a dream is all DommeKira’s going to be and she loves degrading little dicked subs when they join her live shows. You aren’t worthy of looking at her stunning body, not with that thing that’s as big as her pinkie finger, so put on a blindfold.

She’s not even convinced that you’re a man, what’s that, a couple of dry raisins hanging underneath? She’ll flick them just to make sure, and the pain you’re experiencing while she’s humiliating you will be enough for her to make sure, but she’ll have to throw in some pinching with clamps to be completely assured. Look at that it seems as if you’ve been mutilated, that’s how small your junk is. Don’t worry, she’ll show you what a proper cock looks like, and she’s got just the guy for a job. She is a real humiliatrix cam model so she knows how to handle subs.

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There’s nothing you can do but watch your beloved live humiliatrix treating someone else to what you were hoping for, and you’re starting to tear up as she mounts this restless stud in front of the camera. After they are finished, you are going to stick around and clean up all the mess they’ve made, that’s about as close you’re going to get to participate.

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Another day, another tiny cock loser, one in the line of many MistressLilith has broken down in shambles and turned into a rag doll for her twisted fun during this private femdom video chat in her live room. She’ll need you totally nude, so she can see what type of an under-achiever she’s dealing with. What in the hell is that? A sharpie tip for a dick? You’ve made her wear glasses because she can’t quite grasp that it can be so little.

Now that she sees it clearer, she can see that you’re not that different from online girls, except for your clothes, that you will have to work on, but it’s a long process of feminization. Just so you get used to being a sissy, she’ll make you wear a bra and thongs under your everyday wear. This webcam humiliation mistress also wants you to wear a buttplug, stick it up your ass, and proudly wear it until you’re back for another round of orders when you enter these online cam2cam sessions which will make you feel like a worthless wimp that you really are.

You’ll get a new name, a cockless failure like yourself will get an identity of a slutty bitch, who’s craving for a dick. Guess you’re longing for what you don’t have, so pull out that buttplug and prepare a big stiff dildo to toy your newly obtained pussy. You will be forced to choke on it until you’re out of breath, and that face gets red from the lack of oxygen in your lungs. After that, you will have to impale your stretched out asshole, stroke that pathetic cock of yours, and squeeze out whatever tiny drop of cum gets out of it straight inside your bunghole.

All the sadistic woman on our adult humiliation webcam sites are looking at you as if you’re a lesser being, which you are, it’s that simple, everything that you represent is repelling to them. At least they get some enjoyment out of humiliating you and watching you struggle with the verbal insults. Each time someone compares your small cock to a AAA battery, a maggot, or just simply laughs at your disadvantage, it’s as if you’ve been struck by a bullet, but that’s the life of a compact cock slave.

  • How embarrassed are you to show your pathetic penis to a woman? Did it ever cross your mind a sexy bombshell of a girl would even look at it? If you’re excited by the idea of being degraded because of your shortcoming, then those questions answer themselves, the sadistic female models here are your best bet at getting any sexual satisfaction.

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    Oh, how they love to observe your tiny pecker and laugh at it while you’re getting all red-faced, and fight or flight instinct kicks in. A lesser man like you would always run away from such things, but not on these live small cock humiliation cam shows, the mistresses here won’t let you do something like that, even if by blackmail.

    But let’s pretend you’re that desperate, your only chance at getting some arousal from a real woman is through humiliation, and you choose a tall, curvy lady going by the name of XNikole on the SPHCamChat website. She’s eyeing you, trying hard to discern whether there’s something going on down in your pants while she’s crossing her legs while sitting in a chair.

    You see the tender skin on her thighs, right between the stockings and a tight black skirt, and you get a tiny little stiffy. She makes you strip down, arousing you with her soothing voice in this video chat room, but things take a different turn soon. The tiny prick in your pants is the one to blame for her echoing laughs, the ones that get your face all red from embarrassment.

    The only thing you can do about it is to let go and serve your humiliation mistress regardless of your feelings. “What a pathetic little worm”, she says, while pointing at your crotch, “let’s lock it up”. You take a chastity toy and get your cocklet inside the cage. Now you’ll feel a real dick instead, get a dildo and bend over for her.

    She’ll spank your ass while telling you that she owns you now. A strap-on around her waist, which she thrusts while you’re stuffing your tight ass with a rubber cock. You’re nothing but a sissy, a bitch boy she’s going to use as a fucktoy, with your ass spread by a girthy dick because yours is utterly useless.

    Bombshells like EllyaBlack are not to be underestimated. She may look all slender, with big tits, and kinky white lingerie, but she isn’t going to let you do what you please. Your micro cock is instantly noticed, and she’s appalled by it, to the point where she’s taking pictures in amusement just in case you decide to wiggle out.

    Being blackmailed during a humiliation live sex show by such a woman is a blessing in disguise, sure, you might go through some torturing, but she’s going to grant you some pleasure in the end. She’s showing you the screenshots of you, with a visible face, and a 2-inch stiffy down there. What a failure of a man, but at least you can excite her, even if for a short period of time.

    Lay down on the floor, belly up, so she can slowly crush your tiny cock. You feel the weight behind her heel, which gets increasingly harder to endure, but you’ll manage, she’s quite slender thankfully. But then you start feeling a sudden influx of heat as she starts dripping hot wax all over your pecker.

    The heat is short-lived but enough to get your heart racing. There’s only one way to get rid of that wax, so you better stand up. She’s going to kick your dick until the hardened wax falls off, and your miniature dick gets free. The sadistic mistress is aroused by her dominant performance, so much that she starts playing with her wet pussy. You can stroke yours too, just don’t get carried away because she’s not likely to let you cum unless you do it after her, so prepare yourself for gruesome edging.

    Did you think that’s all there is to SPH webcam shows? You couldn’t be any more wrong then, these ladies are experts at making men, especially those with tiny dicks, suffer. They can flick the tip of it, soak it in ice-cold water and get it even tinier, or verbally degrade you so it retracts back into your body.

    And that’s all just a part of how tyrannical they can get, your dick, their ownership, so expect the unexpected. Even if you’ve got a type of humiliation drawn out in your mind, don’t hold back from expressing yourself to these dommes. They can’t wait to meet you, and toy around with your cock for their amusement.

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    At least you’re getting some attention from a woman, one thing that’s going to give you the drive necessary for long video chat sessions on the now. They’re so hot, embellished with lavish titties and soaking wet pussies, teasing you with them until that thing in your pants reaches its maximum size, and then you’ll hear all about how it’s not enough to please her.

    A mistress like CindySexxx loves watching you sweat and struggle while jerking off that micro thing. The more you’re into it, the harder she’s going to push you, just so she can ground you back, deny an orgasm, and humiliate you. What a sadistic girl like her needs, is a slave, the one who is going to serve her.

    You’ll observe the way she slides the fingers inside her bra, twist those nipples and moan out loud from excitement. Just like that, perfect, a woman of your dreams enjoying herself during a cam2cam action. Suddenly she commands you to strip down, and you’ll do it, hesitantly, dreading the moment she sees what a let-down you are.

    Her laughs, loud and condescending, take your mind over. You’re standing there with a miniature cock in your hands, which retracts and shrivels even more from embarrassment. But you’re allowed to stroke it during a live humiliation video chat, no matter how pathetic you are, she still wants to entertain herself and observe how you even jerk that small of a cock.

    Can you even imagine how weird it feels for a woman like her to watch you stroke it with only two fingers? It can’t even be put in words, but her actions are going to show disgust. Every time you’re about to cum, she’ll swing her leather whip towards you and demand you stop, ruining orgasm after orgasm, sending you in a pit of despair while she goes through a moment of bliss and cums herself.

    A more physical approach is the mastery of MissAmelia, she can hardly stand watching a small penis, let alone enjoy herself while you’re nude in front of her. If it wasn’t so sad and tiny, this humiliatrix might actually let you play with yourself, but since she gets grossed out by such dicklets, it’s going to be tortured.

    You’ll have to tie a bow around it, so tight that it swells up, looking seemingly bigger than before. She will experiment on it, maybe there is a way to make it look even bigger? You’ll tie weights around it and stand up straight, walk around, and feel the pressure dragging your small cock to the ground while you’re trying to resist it.

    Guess that won’t work, what a disappointment, and here this humiliatrix was, thinking you’re actually somewhat of a man. Well, she has a replacement, and this guy is so hung that even you will drool from such a sight. Like a miserable cuck, you’re going to observe what a real cock can do in her femdom cam room, all while getting candle wax dripped on your prick.

    They’re both laughing at you, even going as far as to compare your “tool” with miniature objects like batteries and cigarettes, which are honestly even bigger than what you’ve got. You’ll beg them to stop, but this couple won’t stop until you’re watching him cum all over that curvy body of hers, spraying her with a thick load which you’ll have to lick off her as an ultimate punishment.

    There are plenty of ways a session on SPH humiliation sex cams can go, and it’s all up to you. Whether it’s a petite babe ridiculing your dicklet, or a bombshell mistress torturing it, you’ll get exactly what you want, and more. These dommes are ready to face any kind of a challenge, no cock is too small to be humiliated.

    If you’re ready to face them, then don’t hesitate because some other guys just like you might snatch the perfect mistress right in front of your face, and you wouldn’t want that to happen. Try out a private chat, so you and that tiny cock of yours can get humiliated by a professional sadist.

  • The most enjoyable experience for a domme is when she has a little loser in front of her who is standing still without clothes while she’s fully dressed, mocking him for that tiny cock, and not allowing an inch of her skin to be seen. These CFNM humiliation cam sites will have you whimpering from embarrassment because your domme has made it clear how unpleasant she feels just by watching that acorn of a dick. It’s not like she wants to see it, but she can get over that because she’s getting a manlet to torture in return.

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    It’s fun, at least for her, because the fun resides in your misery, she loves nothing more than watching someone else’s suffering, especially when that someone else is undeserving of calling himself a man. You will be happy with it, I’m sure you are fully immersed in the experience of a sexy woman berating you in full clothing because otherwise there would be no connection with a female at all.

    The moment you strip down your underwear and present your inglorious prick to MissJayna, tears are going to start rolling down from her cheeks, but not because she’s sad, it’s because of that tiny joke between your legs. Can you imagine being so exposed during the small cock humiliation webcam, while she’s wearing a latex bodysuit, and judging you while smoking a cigarette?

    Suddenly you’re going to get hit with the realization that you’re not even worthy of watching her bare feet. She’s going to collar you like a neutered dog, you don’t even get to touch that hideous thing, she’ll put a chastity cage on it so you don’t get the chance of touching it at all. Your clothed mistress is going to demand you lick the bottom of her boots to prove your obedience, and then you’re going to worship her curves which are visibly firm, but they are still covered with a veil of secrets.

    How sad does it feel to not be allowed a peek under her clothes, you’re wondering how her nipples look like, are they big or medium-sized? She will assure you that they are quite small actually, but not as small as your microscopic cock. In fact, she wants you to know what a proper penis looks like, she’ll make you suck on a dildo in this SPH cam chat session until your jaw starts aching, and throat gets sore, while she’s berating you with a barrage of insults directed towards your pecker.

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    Dressed in her jeans and a leather jacket, DommeOanna will enjoy her time with you and she’ll be amused by making you measure that tiny dicklet. No bigger than 2 inches, she’s going to whip out random objects which look exactly like it, like baby carrots, pickles, bottle caps, chipolata sausages, batteries, you get the idea.

    You will have your hands tied behind your back and just stand motionless, getting all sweaty from embarrassment while she’s scanning your cock, and making you feel shameful for having such a thing attached to your body on these live sex sessions. It’s on display, wide open, and you don’t even get to see an ankle, let alone something more, she doesn’t see you as a worthy man, and that’s why she’s going to torture your prick.

    It will get tied with a piece of rope in a bow-tie, and she’s going to clamp it as if it was a mouse in a trap. Your whole body is on an exhibit in front of a fully clothed female who not only is vocal about your disadvantage but also tortures you for it. She can whip it, poke it with needles, and whatever it is that comes to mind just to make sure you’re getting your dose of humiliation.

    These mistresses are superior in every possible way over you, they are clothed while you’re nude, and they control the situation, making it transparent that there is total obedience expected from you. With that tiny thing, you should consider yourself lucky for even being blessed with their presence, not a lot of men get to interact with such sexy chicks. If you’re ready to humiliate yourself by being nude on these private CFNM webcams, then drag over that pathetic dick and let your mistress have fun by making you feel embarrassed like never before.

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    Your heart rate is going to increase once you meet SPHPaige, her curves are barely fitting in the latex suit, and it’s enough to get you excited, but beneath all that beauty hides an evil domme who has no interest in letting you reach the pinnacle. She’s disappointed with you and that tiny member, and she won’t stop reminding you of your disadvantage, calling you a pin-dicked dwarf, and showing how her pinky finger is bigger than it.

    Another day, another tiny dicked loser who is drooling over her, nothing new to see here, because she already knows how to deal with your kind. Have you ever seen such big tits in real-time? She doubts you did, but here, watch them in their glory, do you like what you see? Of course you do, and she knows how much you’re craving to fiddle with your junk, but that’s not going to happen until your willy hurts from teasing while doing a live SPH sex chat with you.

    Once this humiliatrix thinks that you’ve seen enough, you will be ordered to stroke it, but only a couple of fast strokes. After that a couple more, and she’ll repeat as much as it takes. It’s like you’re taking two steps forward and one back, and slowly but surely all the pent-up frustration is about to get released. Not so fast, not over here, your domme doesn’t allow you to jerk off any longer, she’s going to crush your dreams of busting a nut, and you can do nothing about it.

    Now, some mistresses like T&DMillie like to put you through some rough trials before you even get to touch yourself, you will be suffering physically, and then be given some hope after that, only to be struck even harder at the very end on our ruined orgasm webcams. The microscopic penis you’re “packing” should never see the light of the day, but here we are, you want to have a woman acknowledge your existence at least.

    As expected, it comes with a price. You will have to go through gruesome cock torture to prove you’re resilient, but mainly because she just wants to watch you suffer. You will have wax dripped over your tip, and she’ll let it cool off in a bucket full of ice. Now she has to reignite that wax with a lighter, so it can melt off your pecker. She also may opt for electricity, needles, or simple stomping, whatever is needed.

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    After it all ends, she’ll grab a pencil and instruct you on how to stroke that needle of a cock. After all the hurt and suffering, you’re going through a blissful moment, stroking your cock on command of the woman you adore during SPH video chats. It feels good for a moment, even though she’s throwing insults your way, and telling you how repugnant that measly worm is.

    Start, stop, start, stop, she’ll edge you so hard that you’re going to be suffering, sweating profusely, begging her to let you cum. Midget penis gnomes like you are her favorite pastime, no matter how much she destroys your already shaken ego, you’ll be coming back to serve her, never jizzing, no matter what you do for her.

    These live humiliation sex cams are a place where weak men gather to get used for domme’s fun, because they know how desperate you are, easy to control. Who wouldn’t like having that acorn of a cock in front of themselves, open for criticism and mental destruction? That’s the less hurtful part, even when you get an inkling of pleasure, ordered to masturbate that little dick, they won’t let you take that ride to the end, the train stops early, and so do all your hopes and dreams.

  • The moment you surrender yourself to the mistress, your tiny cock is open for criticism, and it’s going to get mocked and tortured. They will pridefully remind you in these humiliation sex webcam rooms what a let-down of a man you are, even when you’re at your lowest, suffering both mentally and physically. You will be hoping that it ends sooner than later, but it won’t because you’re their defective play toy and they won’t let you go until you realize that baby cock is useless to any woman, break down in tears from shame, and beg her for mercy.

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    MissEloise will indulge in watching you squirm under her high heels, while she steps on you as if you’re a rug, and tells you how much she hates pathetic manlets with their dwarf dicks. Do you really think a girl like her, dressed in full latex, with a perfect body would ever show anything other than disgust in you? If there was anything worth about your tiny shriveled genitals, then you wouldn’t be shrugged off by all girls the moment they see what you’re “packing”.

    If you want some attention, you’ll get it in the form of corporal punishment, a long stick is as close as she’s going to get to touch you. Of course, you won’t be petted, she’ll swing it while you’re bent over with your ass exposed, and make you shiver each time it makes contact with your skin. One after the other, your skin turning red, and she’ll keep talking about your acorn cock, and how she’s repulsed by it.

    You have sustained your beatings, and now she wants to see if that tiny pecker can grow at all during our slave video chat play. The moment she starts fondling her tits over latex, you’ll get horny, adding another half an inch to it, is that all you can do?

    She’ll keep rubbing her tits in your nose, but there’s no more motion down there, nothing at all, how disappointing. Finally, she lets you jerk it, but not too fast, and every time you get close to an orgasm, she will make you stop, so you’re falling deeper in despair.

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    Where beatings don’t make a mark, words will, that’s what Domme_Adalyn counts on. She’s prepared for psychological warfare against an unprepared enemy in front of the camera. She’ll hit you where it hurts the most, your microscopic cock, she’ll tell you how dysfunctional that thing between your legs is, force you to repeat that you’re a little bitch, over and over again.

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    Now that you realize what a wretched being you are, she’ll turn you into a sissy slave, and you don’t need much transformation to look like a cheap hooker during that live session. Some ripped pantyhose, a red lipstick, and you’ll be ready to toy yourself. This humiliation dominatrix doesn’t want to hear any nagging, no talking back at all, just shake your head that you understand, because she’s your pimp now, and your body is hers, she owns you.

    Time to get trained, you’ll need a buttplug to prepare yourself, a bit of lube, and shove it straight in, you cockless slut. While it’s lodged in your asshole, you will have to go over and worship her feet, bow down before her, and tell how happy you are to serve her. You will find out what a real cock is, nothing like the thing you got, none of that tiny nonsense, a real firm 10-incher. That’s what you’ll have to work on, a giant dildo, and no matter how stretched out your bunghole already is, it’s nothing compared to what you’re about to stick deep inside it.

    With every new inch that you’re pushing inside yourself, there is more suffering, and no matter how hurtful it is, you have to keep up and make your mistress proud for turning a tiny dick let-down into a faithful servant.

    When you decide on our dick humiliation cam shows, you’re in hands of a mistress, and she decides what’s going to be done with you. If she tells you how abhorrent your pecker is, or decides to torture it, there’s nothing you’re able to do to stop her because disobedience can and will be punished, and you would just wish that you kept your mouth shut, who knows, maybe show up with a ball-gag and you might become her favorite small penis slave.

  • Any mistress you choose on our humiliation cam2cam website, you will be reminded of your shortcomings, that tiny thing shriveled up in your pants won’t be able to see the light of the day without being ridiculed. The horror you’re making these women go through will bounce back to you in a form of mental and physical retribution. Did you think they want to see you fully nude?

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    No one in this whole wide world would, except these mistresses because they get to relieve some stress and express their sadistic side by torturing you and making you serve as their little dick slave, who will do as he’s told, and pamper them if needed.

    When you’re face to face with DommeCorinne, she’ll instill a sense of fear and dread into you. Despite her athletic body and revealing clothes, there’s something in the look she’s giving you, while slowly smoking a cigarette, squinting her eyes, and piercing you with that cynical look.

    She doesn’t even need to say a word in order to make it clear to you that she’s your owner on a C2C video chat which is what you need. With one flick of a finger, she’ll make it clear that you have to strip down, expose yourself in front of your queen. This humiliation slut will smirk, let out a sigh, and disappointedly whisper to herself “Another maggot cock loser”, and then she’ll say it louder, just in case you didn’t hear her first time.

    What should she do with you? You’re supposed to be a man here, but everything about you reeks of despair and obedience, a mirror opposite of a man. You’re a shivering pussy, unworthy of using your tiny acorn, so she makes you lock it up in a chastity cage.

    That’s better, now you’re starting to look like what you really are, a cockless sissy, and she is going to train you on how to take a cock. You will have to prepare your pussy with a dildo, big and firm, just like a normal man’s dick, but you wouldn’t know anything about those. You will feel it stretching you, and you’ll have to keep up with her demands, no matter how tough it gets, you will pound yourself hard, and maybe next time she will treat you to her strap-on.

    MissGenesys wishes all you small penis bastards would disappear from the face of the earth, and she’ll at least do her part by torturing you while having live sex show with you. There’s no talking back to her unless she’s asked you a question, and even then, you better think of the shortest answer possible, because you might get punished for your disobedience.

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    Get bent for her, pull down your underwear, and lift up the shirt, so she has a clear view of your behind. You will get whipped and slapped with a paddle until it starts turning blue, and you’re silently crying to yourself. That’s the moment your humiliation webcam mistress was waiting for, and you can hear her sinister laughs, which will haunt you for days.

    Now it’s time for the real deal, your little one, and those raisins attached to it. First, she’ll get some weights around your balls, and make you stand still, watch her tease you by rubbing her pussy over panties so that tiny cock gets hard. It’s still looking godawful, but it’s making your balls hurt even more.

    She will grab a candle, and slowly drip the wax over your baby dick. The burning sensation, coupled with your balls getting pulled to the ground, feeling like they will be ripped apart, is unbearable. You will have to keep the wax on your willy until it cools off, forming a mold, that she will keep as a trophy, a reminder of one more slave she has broken down.

    When you sign up on little penis humiliation cam2cam chat, you’re offering yourself to the dommes, and they will do with you as they please, after all, you’re a loser and they are in charge. You can find a micro cock hating succubus at any time, and they will be more than pleased to welcome you into their world of mental degradation, various insults regarding your disadvantage, and multiple torture methods of their choice.

  • It might seem like a nun is supposed to be kind and forgiving towards everyone, but you and your baby cock won’t be spared from merciless criticism which will shake you to the very core. That gross little thing between your legs is going to get mocked by a holy sister, who won’t spare words to ridicule you. A disgusting manlet like you is going to experience cruel nun humiliation webcam shows in sweat and tears, all the way until the end, and you’ll be leaving with the tail between your legs like a sad puppy when you’re finished with.

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    MissMaria hates unruly schoolboys who go around flailing their dicks to girls during recess. You’ll have to go into her office, so she can deal with you eye to eye. She wants to see what’s the matter with you, what kind of an unhinged maniac does that? The moment you pull your pants down, the sinister laugh is going to fill the room, echoing in your head. Even she knows that a real dick isn’t supposed to be so shriveled up, and your face is going to get all red from embarrassment.

    A tiny little dicklet, she’s so amazed by it and has to measure it with her ruler that she was planning to spank you with. A total of two inches, oh my, if it isn’t the most amusing thing she has ever seen, it’s about the size of her pinkie.

    What are you waiting for? Stroke it, right there in front of her, do it the way she tells you, fast, slow, it doesn’t matter unless you want to get spanked in front of the cam. Take it from her, no woman will ever want to come close to that ugly thing, or touch it, you should be happy she hasn’t kicked you out yet.

    You will be surprised when she starts teasing you, lifting her gown up to give you some inspiration, her firm buns, so you get closer to cumming. Is your needle cock ready to release some nut milk? You jerk off faster, but all that gets out is a couple of drops on the floor. You’re not even able to jizz like a real man, and you won’t hear the end of it, she’ll keep laughing from the bottom of her heart, and command you to clean up the mess while performing SPH live sex chats, because she doesn’t want to deal with that sticky goo.

    Well, well, if you aren’t a sinner, ready to confess to sister Ximena. When she hears all about your late nights, jerking off in front of your computer, a sudden wave of anguish will overwhelm her, you have to be punished, there’s no other solution. It doesn’t help that you got a miniature cock, so grotesque, an ungodly creature, a spawn from hell, and you need to be purified with beatings.

    She’ll whip you until you start calling for god to help you in these trying times on humiliation cam2cam sessions. But what good is it if you’re going to go back to your old ways? She’ll have to put your useless small penis in a cage, so you can’t even touch it. Are you tempted? She’ll have to make sure you’re going to be able to resist the temptations.

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